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Specific Learning Disabilities Series
On July 20th, 2002, a thirty minute program featuring Denton M. Kurtz was aired on "Orlando Matters" a weekly show hosted by Brandy Robinson on Orlando Channel 65, TWC cable, Channel 6 (UPN). 
Appearing with Mr. Kurtz was Carolyn Tavel of the Learning Disability Resource Center in Orlando.

The show, "Specific Learning Disabilities" covered such topics as common misconceptions, the different types of Learning Disabilities, as well as some of the more common symptoms indicative of further assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Due to the overwhelming success of the show, Denton M. Kurtz, M.Ed, LSP, LMHC and his colleague Alicia N. Braccia M.S., C.A.S., L.S.P.,  are working with Brandy Robinson to produce "Doorways to Learning".

"Doorways to Learning" is a 3 part series which consists of:

Part 1 Attention
Airing: October 12,2002*
Do you or someone you know have problems paying attention to what's going on?   Do you have too many projects going on at once yet have difficulty completing them? Has your child's teacher told you that your child "just doesn't pay attention to what's going on in the class"?
This segment discusses the impact of attention difficulties, attention/focus issue diagnosis, as well as the successful methods available.

Part 2 Reading words
Airing: October 19, 2002*
The impact of "word reading" can be devastating, both academically and emotionally. This segment will discuss such topics as; diagnosis of word reading difficulties, treatments available to improve word reading and more.

Part 3 Reading and Listening Comprehension
Airing: October 26, 2002*
Reading and listening comprehension play an important role in everyday activities.
If you have ever had the feeling that the words you are reading are going in but not making sense or, if you or someone you know has difficulty retaining what has been heard, you don't want to miss this segment.  Hear about the signs of these difficulties, diagnostic measures and successful treatment options.

*Orlando Matters airs at 7:00 A.M. Saturday Mornings on Cable channel 6 if you have Time-Warner.  If you don't have Cable it's on Channel 65 (UPN). 


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