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A few Developmental Optometric Physicians* reside and practice in the Central Florida Area. 

In addition to looking at the health and mechanics of the eye, optometrists in this specialized field are interested in the "functionality" of the eyes where the adult or child uses them:

Nearly twenty percent of the population is estimated to suffer from visual problems unrelated to the need for glasses.  Many times these problems are not detected with school screenings or routine eye exams by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.  Binocular vision problems can cause interference in school performance, driving, reading, sports ability, and computer or desk work. 

Although several Developmental Optometrists think they understand what causes "Dyslexia" and can effectively treat "it", they actually are able to fix or substantially change visual anomalies that cause minor to significant interference so that it is easier for a person to read and perform other visually oriented tasks. 

When the interference (not a "dyslexia") is the only problem, the person will more easily learn to read and can even become an excellent reader.  If the interference occurs in concert with a "dyslexia", it is important that the interference be taken care of so it will not interfere with the training/treatment necessary to remediate the "dyslexia". 

If however, the person has a true form of dyslexia, the training to change those elements making up the disability must be employed for the brain to allow fair to excellent reading to occur. 

The moral to this story is: Don't stop getting help if you get great to poor results from a Developmental Optometrist and continue to struggle with learning to read.  

"Dyslexia", when thinking of it as the disability associated with inability or poor reading of letters, parts of words or words, spelling and writing is made up of multiple components associated with Auditory, phonological awareness and processing and memory, Visual, discrimination and processing and memory, and Language retrieval and speed of retrieval.

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